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Nissan 350Z

Nissan 350Z

Nissan produced the Nissan 350Z from 2002 to 2009. It is a two-door sports car with two seats. It is part of Nissan's Z-car line and is the fifth iteration. In Japan, it is known as the Nissan Fairlady Z (Z33). The 350Z started being produced in 2002 and began being sold and promoted as a 2003 model in August of the same year. Since the roadster did not make its debut until the following year, there was only a coupe the initial year. The Roadster initially came in Enthusiast and Touring versions. The coupe was first available in Base, Enthusiast, Performance, Touring, and Track models. The Track model had Brembo brakes and lightweight wheels, but the suspension settings of all the other coupes were the same.

Modified Nissan 350Z

Performance Upgrades:

People modify Nissan 350Z cars to make them perform better. There are a few main areas to focus on:

Engine Upgrades: Many Z-car fans choose to turbocharge or supercharge their V6 engine to increase power. High-flow air intakes, exhaust systems, and engine management systems can also improve performance. Lowering the car and improving wheel alignment also enhance handling.

Suspension and Handling: Upgrading the suspension system with components like coilovers, sway bars, and performance-oriented bushings can transform the 350Z into a corner-carving beast. Lowering the car and improving wheel alignment also enhance handling.

Braking System: The 350Z has high-performance brake kits. These kits have larger rotors and multi-piston calipers. They help the car stop quickly. This improves control and safety while driving with enthusiasm. The 350Z also has strong aftermarket support. This makes it easy for car enthusiasts to find many parts and accessories. You can choose well-known brands that make special products for the 350Z. These include body kits, wheels, exhausts, and custom lighting options. With these, you can personalize your 350Z to match your unique style and preferences.

Aftermarket Support:

The 350Z enjoys robust aftermarket support, making it easy for enthusiasts to find a wide range of parts and accessories. You can select from reputable brands that offer specialized products for the 350Z, such as body kits, wheels, exhausts, and even custom lighting options. With these, you can personalize your 350Z to match your unique style and preferences.

Design Modifications:

The 350Z already boasts an attractive design, but many owners seek to make it truly their own. Design modifications allow you to create a personalized look and feel:

Body Kits: Adding a body kit to a car can greatly change how it looks. A body kit includes front and rear bumpers, side skirts, and spoilers. These not only enhance aesthetics but can also improve aerodynamics.

Custom Paint and Wraps: A fresh coat of paint or a vinyl wrap can give your 350Z a unique and head-turning appearance. It's a fantastic way to express your style and stand out from the crowd.

Motorsports Success:

The 350Z has a storied history in motorsports, particularly in the world of drifting. Many enthusiasts modify their 350Zs to excel in different motorsport disciplines. To drift, they stiffen the suspensions, add limited-slip differentials, and increase the power. Many professional drifters started their careers in 350Zs.

Drifting: Stiffened suspensions, limited-slip differentials, and extra power are common modifications for drifting. Many professional drifters started their careers in 350Zs.

Track Racing: With the right modifications, the 350Z can be competitive on the track. To make it a strong competitor, add lightweight wheels. Also, add racing tires and improved braking systems. To modify a 350Z, the main goal is to enhance the driving experience.

Enhanced Driving Experience:

At the heart of modifying a 350Z is enhancing the driving experience. Here are some modifications that can make every drive a thrill:

Interior Upgrades: From racing seats and steering wheels to advanced audio systems, there are countless ways to improve your comfort and enjoyment inside the car.

Sound Systems: If you're an audiophile, consider upgrading the car's audio system. A well-tuned sound system can make those long drives even more enjoyable.

Modifying a Nissan 350Z offers a world of possibilities for car enthusiasts. Whether you're seeking to boost performance, personalize your ride, or aim for success in motorsports, the 350Z provides a fantastic platform. With a wide array of aftermarket support and a strong community of fellow enthusiasts, the only limit is your imagination and budget. So, get ready to transform your 350Z into the ultimate driving machine, tailor-made to your desires and ambitions.

Best Modified Nissan 350Z Builds























The allure of modifying the Nissan GT-R R35 lies in its potential for further performance refinement and personalization. Most people are drawn to the prospect of unlocking more power from the already impressive engine, propelling the GT-R to even greater speeds and acceleration.

Upgrading the suspension allows enthusiasts to tailor the car's handling characteristics, ensuring precise control and responsiveness during spirited driving. Enhanced braking systems offer peace of mind and improved safety, crucial for harnessing the GT-R's immense power. A captivating exhaust note is a sought-after modification, not only for its thrilling sound but also for improved engine efficiency.

NISSAN 350Z Turbocharger

GReddy Twin Turbo Kit:

GReddy, a trusted name in the automotive world, offers a comprehensive twin-turbo kit for the 350Z that's engineered for maximum power and reliability. The kit includes twin TD06SH-20G turbochargers, upgraded fuel injectors, a large front-mount intercooler, and a complete tuning solution. With this kit, your 350Z can achieve substantial horsepower gains while maintaining exceptional driveability.

Stillen VQ35HR Supercharger System:

While not a turbo, the Stillen Supercharger System is an attractive option for those who want a reliable and powerful forced induction setup. It's designed specifically for the 350Z's VQ35HR engine, offering instant throttle response and impressive power gains. The system includes a Vortech V-3 supercharger, a larger intercooler, and custom engine management.

APS Twin Turbo Kit:

APS (Air Power Systems) offers a popular twin-turbo kit for the 350Z. This kit is known for delivering significant power gains and high-quality components. It includes two Garrett GT2860RS turbochargers, an efficient front-mount intercooler, and a robust engine management system.

GTM Stage 2 Twin Turbo Kit:

The GTM (GT Motorsports) Stage 2 Twin Turbo Kit is well-regarded for its combination of performance and quality. It includes twin Garrett GT2871R turbochargers, larger fuel injectors, a front-mount intercooler, and custom tuning. This kit offers impressive power gains while maintaining good reliability.

Boosted Performance Single Turbo Kit:

For those looking for a single-turbo setup, the Boosted Performance Single Turbo Kit is a strong contender. It features a precision turbocharger, a front-mount intercooler, and custom tuning. This kit is known for its power gains and cost-effectiveness.

TurboXS Turbo Kit:

The TurboXS Turbo Kit is another option for single-turbo enthusiasts. It includes a Garrett GT3071R turbocharger, an intercooler, and a custom engine management system. This kit offers solid power gains and is suitable for those who prefer a single-turbo setup.

When considering a turbo setup for your Nissan 350Z, it's important to weigh factors like your budget, intended use, and desired power gains. The options listed above provide a range of choices, from twin-turbo kits to supercharger systems and single-turbo setups, each tailored to different driving styles and preferences. With the right turbo setup, your 350Z can experience a substantial boost in power, transforming it into an even more thrilling and capable sports car. Whether your goal is track performance or enhanced daily driving, the best turbo setup for your 350Z awaits, ready to provide an exhilarating driving experience.

NISSAN 350Z Suspension

KW Variant 3 Coilovers:

KW is a respected name in the world of suspension systems, and the Variant 3 Coilovers are a top choice for 350Z owners. These coilovers offer adjustable damping and ride height, allowing you to fine-tune your Z's handling to your liking. They provide a superb balance of performance and comfort, making them an excellent choice for both daily driving and track use.

Tein Flex Z Coilovers:

The Tein Flex Z Coilovers are known for their affordability without compromising performance. These coilovers offer adjustable damping and ride height, allowing you to customize your 350Z's suspension setup. They provide a sporty ride quality and improved handling without breaking the bank.

HKS Hipermax IV GT Coilovers:

HKS is a renowned name in the automotive aftermarket, and the Hipermax IV GT Coilovers are built for 350Z enthusiasts looking for precision handling. These coilovers feature a wide range of adjustability for both damping and ride height, ensuring you can tailor your suspension setup to your specific needs, whether it's daily driving or competitive track racing.

Megan Racing EZ Street Series Coilovers:

If you're looking for budget-friendly coilovers that offer decent performance, the Megan Racing EZ Street Series is an excellent choice. While they lack the adjustability of higher-end options, they provide improved handling and a lower stance for your 350Z, making them a great entry-level suspension upgrade.

Koni Sport Yellow Shocks and Struts:

If you're looking to improve your 350Z's handling without replacing the entire suspension system, the Koni Sport Yellow shocks and struts are a fantastic option. These components are adjustable, allowing you to fine-tune your ride quality and handling characteristics while maintaining your stock springs.

Eibach Pro-Kit Springs:

Eibach is a well-known name in the world of suspension, and the Pro-Kit Springs offer a balance of improved handling and a more aggressive stance without the cost and complexity of coilovers. They are designed to work with your 350Z's existing shocks and struts, making installation relatively straightforward.

Choosing the best suspension upgrades for your Nissan 350Z is a significant decision, as it can greatly influence your car's handling, ride quality, and overall performance. The options listed above cover a wide range of budgets and preferences, from adjustable coilovers to simple spring upgrades. The best suspension setup for your 350Z ultimately depends on your driving style and specific needs. Whether you prioritize track performance, daily comfort, or a blend of both, upgrading your suspension can be a transformative experience that takes your 350Z to new heights in terms of handling and control.

NISSAN 350Z Brakes

Brembo GT Big Brake Kit:

Brembo is a household name in the world of high-performance brakes, and the Brembo GT Big Brake Kit is a top choice for the 350Z. This kit includes larger rotors, multi-piston calipers, and high-quality brake pads. It significantly improves stopping power and enhances the overall braking performance of the car, especially under demanding conditions.

StopTech SportStop Drilled & Slotted Brake Kit:

The StopTech SportStop brake kit is well-regarded for its performance and value. It features drilled and slotted rotors for improved heat dissipation and reduced brake fade. This kit also includes high-performance brake pads that offer excellent stopping power, making it a great choice for both spirited driving and track days.

Hawk Performance Ceramic Brake Pads:

For those who want to maintain the stock brake system but improve braking performance, Hawk Performance Ceramic Brake Pads are an excellent choice. These pads are known for their low dust output, reduced noise, and excellent stopping power. They provide a significant upgrade over stock brake pads and are gentle on the rotors.

EBC Brakes Yellowstuff Brake Pads:

EBC Brakes' Yellowstuff Brake Pads are designed for aggressive street and track use. They offer high friction, superior stopping power, and excellent resistance to brake fade. These pads are a perfect match for drivers who frequently push their 350Z to its limits.

R1 Concepts Premier Series Brake Rotors:

If you're seeking a brake upgrade that focuses on rotors, the R1 Concepts Premier Series Brake Rotors are worth considering. These rotors are available in various designs, including drilled and slotted, to enhance heat dissipation and reduce brake fade. They are an excellent addition when paired with high-performance brake pads.

Wilwood Superlite Big Brake Kit:

Wilwood is known for its high-performance brake components, and the Superlite Big Brake Kit for the 350Z is no exception. It features a lightweight design, large rotors, and multi-piston calipers for superior stopping power. This kit is a favorite among track enthusiasts and those looking for extreme braking performance.

Enhancing the braking system of your Nissan 350Z is a crucial step toward realizing the full potential of this sports car. The brake upgrades listed above offer a range of options, from full brake kits to high-performance brake pads and rotors, each tailored to different driving styles and budgets. The best brake upgrade for your 350Z ultimately depends on your specific needs and how you plan to use your car. With the right brake upgrades, you can experience improved safety, better control, and the confidence to push your 350Z to its limits, whether on the road or the track.

NISSAN 350Z Exhaust

Borla Cat-Back Exhaust System:

Borla has a well-established reputation for producing high-quality exhaust systems, and the Borla Cat-Back system for the 350Z is no exception. Made from stainless steel, it offers an aggressive yet refined sound that's perfect for enthusiasts looking to enhance their Z's performance without going overboard. The craftsmanship ensures a precise fit, and the system's longevity makes it a solid investment.

Invidia Gemini Cat-Back Exhaust System:

The Invidia Gemini Cat-Back system is a favorite among 350Z owners. Made from high-quality SUS304 stainless steel, it boasts excellent fitment and durability. What sets this system apart is its unique look, with quad titanium burnt tips, and its deep, aggressive sound. It's perfect for those who want their Z to turn heads wherever it goes.

HKS Hi-Power Exhaust System:

HKS is a well-known name in the performance world, and their Hi-Power exhaust system is renowned for its quality and sound. It provides a deep, throaty tone that complements the 350Z's sporty character. Crafted from stainless steel, it's known for its durability and precision fit.

Megan Racing Drift Spec Cat-Back Exhaust:

If you're a fan of the drifting scene, the Megan Racing Drift Spec exhaust system could be the right choice for your 350Z. It offers an aggressive tone and is designed to provide the extra horsepower you need for thrilling slides. This system is built for performance, featuring mandrel-bent tubing for optimal exhaust flow.

ARK Performance GRiP Cat-Back Exhaust System:

The ARK Performance GRiP system is designed for those who want a balanced combination of performance and style. It offers a deep, rich tone and improved exhaust flow for enhanced horsepower. The system is constructed with high-quality materials, ensuring longevity and a precise fit.

Agency Power Cat-Back Exhaust System:

The Agency Power Cat-Back system is known for its distinctive sound and exceptional craftsmanship. This system enhances performance with its mandrel-bent piping and free-flowing design. It features titanium tips, adding a touch of style to the Z's rear end.

Upgrading your Nissan 350Z's exhaust system is an effective way to unlock more power, improve the car's sound, and add a dash of style. The options listed above represent some of the best exhaust systems available for the 350Z, each offering its own unique blend of performance, sound, and quality. Ultimately, the right exhaust system for you will depend on your personal preferences, budget, and intended use for your Z. No matter your choice, you can look forward to a more exhilarating driving experience and the ability to make a bold statement on the road with your modified 350Z.

NISSAN 350Z Bodykit

Rocket Bunny V3 Kit:

The Rocket Bunny V3 kit is a favorite among 350Z enthusiasts for its widebody design. This kit, designed by Kei Miura, offers aggressive fender flares, a distinctive front lip, and a rear diffuser that dramatically alters the car's look. It's perfect for those who want a race-inspired appearance and the ability to fit wider wheels and tires for improved grip and handling.

Nismo V3 Aero Kit:

The Nismo V3 Aero Kit is a factory-backed option that brings a high-quality, subtle sporty look to your 350Z. This kit includes a front bumper, side skirts, a rear bumper, and a spoiler. The Nismo badge carries a sense of authenticity and performance, making this kit an excellent choice for those who prefer a more OEM appearance.

Duraflex N-1 Body Kit:

Duraflex's N-1 body kit offers a blend of style and affordability. It features a front bumper, side skirts, and a rear bumper with a diffuser, all designed to give your 350Z a unique and aggressive appearance. The Duraflex material is known for being flexible and durable, making it an ideal choice for daily drivers who may encounter minor road hazards.

INGS+1 N-Spec Body Kit:

The INGS+1 N-Spec kit is all about clean lines and a modern look. It includes a front bumper, side skirts, and a rear bumper with an integrated diffuser. This kit is known for its quality and fitment, offering an elegant yet sporty appearance for your 350Z.

AAM Competition GT1 Widebody Kit:

For those who crave an exceptionally wide and aggressive look, the AAM Competition GT1 Widebody Kit is a top choice. This kit offers bolt-on fender flares that allow you to fit extremely wide wheels and tires, perfect for those seeking maximum grip for track or spirited driving. It's a head-turner, making a bold statement wherever it goes.

Amuse Legalo Kit:

The Amuse Legalo kit is a combination of form and function. It includes a front bumper, side skirts, and a rear bumper with a diffuser. Designed with track performance in mind, it offers improved aerodynamics and cooling capabilities, making it an excellent choice for track enthusiasts.

Selecting the best body kit for your Nissan 350Z is a highly personal decision. Your choice should reflect your own style, budget, and driving preferences. The options mentioned above represent some of the best body kits available for the 350Z, offering a range of designs from widebody aggression to clean and subtle elegance. Ultimately, the right body kit will not only enhance your 350Z's aesthetics but also add a unique touch to a car that's already synonymous with style and performance. So, get ready to turn heads and leave a lasting impression on the road with the perfect body kit for your 350Z.

NISSAN 350Z Wheels

Wheel Style:

When choosing wheels for your Nissan 350Z, the first consideration should be your preferred style. The Z-car's aesthetic appeal can be further heightened with the right choice of wheels. Here are some popular styles to consider:

Alloy Wheels: Lightweight and available in a wide range of designs, alloy wheels are a popular choice for 350Z owners. They can be sleek and modern or feature intricate spoke patterns for a more classic look.

Forged Wheels: Forged wheels are exceptionally strong and lightweight, making them ideal for performance-oriented 350Zs. They often come in unique designs and finishes, allowing for a customized appearance.

Multi-piece Wheels: These wheels consist of multiple components, often with customizable finishes and designs. They offer a high level of flexibility for achieving a truly personalized look.

Fitment and Sizing:

Proper fitment is crucial for both aesthetics and performance. The right wheel size can significantly impact your 350Z's handling and stance. Consider these factors:

Diameter: Common sizes for the 350Z range from 18 to 20 inches. Smaller wheels tend to offer better acceleration, while larger wheels improve braking performance and cornering stability.

Width: Wider wheels can accommodate wider tires, providing better grip and a more aggressive look. However, they can also impact handling, so it's essential to balance your choices.

Offset: Wheel offset affects how far the wheels sit within the wheel wells. The right offset ensures your wheels fit properly without rubbing against the fenders.


The material of your wheels plays a significant role in performance, weight, and durability. Consider the following options:

Aluminum Alloy: Most aftermarket wheels are made of aluminum alloy due to its lightweight properties. It enhances acceleration and handling while improving fuel efficiency.

Forged Aluminum: Forged wheels are made from a single piece of aluminum, resulting in higher strength and reduced weight. They are preferred for high-performance 350Zs.

Performance Wheels:

If you plan to use your Nissan 350Z for spirited driving or track days, you may want to invest in performance-oriented wheels. These wheels are designed to be lightweight and durable, providing enhanced handling and responsiveness. Look for brands that offer features such as flow-formed or forged construction.

Brands and Budget:

There are numerous reputable wheel brands to choose from, each with its own range of designs and prices. While top-tier brands often come with a higher price tag, they may offer superior build quality and design options. Consider your budget and research different brands to find the best combination of style and quality that suits your needs.

Choosing the best wheels for your Nissan 350Z is a crucial decision, as it can significantly impact both the appearance and performance of your beloved sports car. Keep in mind that your choice of wheels should align with your driving style, aesthetic preferences, and budget. With the right set of wheels, your 350Z can truly stand out on the road, showcasing both your personality and the car's innate capabilities. Whether you opt for alloy, forged, or multi-piece wheels, your 350Z will look and perform its best with the perfect set of shoes.

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