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Mazda RX8

Mazda RX8

The RX8 is a sports car that Mazda, a Japanese automaker, produced between 2002 and 2012. At the North American International Auto Show in 2001, it made its debut. It is the RX-7's successor and, like the RX models before it, is propelled by a rotary Wankel engine. North American consumers could purchase the RX-8 starting with the 2003 model year.

On August 23, 2011, Mazda announced that the RX-8 would be retired, with the 2012 model year serving as its final year of production.

Modified Nissan GT-R R35

1. Performance Enhancements:

a. Engine Upgrades: The RX-8's rotary engine has a lot of untapped potential. Enthusiasts often opt for upgrades like porting and polishing, engine rebuilds, and forced induction (turbocharging or supercharging) to extract more power. Careful tuning and engine management systems are crucial for achieving reliable and substantial performance gains.

b. Exhaust Systems: Upgrading the exhaust system can improve both power and sound. Performance exhaust systems, like those from Borla, HKS, or Racing Beat, offer a better flow and a deeper exhaust note, enhancing the overall driving experience.

c. Suspension Tuning: The RX-8's excellent handling can be further refined with suspension upgrades. Coilover kits, adjustable sway bars, and upgraded bushings can enhance cornering ability, making it more agile and responsive.

2. Aftermarket Support:

The RX-8 enjoys strong aftermarket support, with a range of manufacturers offering performance parts and accessories. Well-established companies like Racing Beat, RE Amemiya, and Pettit Racing provide a variety of options for engine, suspension, and exterior modifications. Enthusiast communities and forums are valuable resources for discovering new products and gathering insights on effective modifications.

3. Design Modifications:

a. Aerodynamics: Many RX-8 owners opt for front splitters, rear wings, and diffusers to improve aerodynamics and downforce. These modifications can enhance stability at higher speeds.

b. Body Kits: Upgrading the RX-8's aesthetics is a popular choice. Body kits, like those offered by Veilside, MS Design, and RE Amemiya, can transform the car's appearance while maintaining its sporty identity.

c. Wheels and Tires: Changing the wheels and tires can significantly impact both performance and aesthetics. Lightweight alloy wheels and performance-oriented tires can enhance grip and handling.

4. Motorsports Success/History:

The Mazda RX-8 has a notable presence in motorsports, particularly in endurance racing. The RX-8 achieved success in series like the Grand-Am Rolex Sports Car Series and the American Le Mans Series (ALMS). Its reliability, nimble handling, and rotary engine's unique characteristics made it a competitive choice in endurance races.

5. Driving Experience:

Modifying a Mazda RX-8 can transform the driving experience. With the right upgrades, the car becomes more powerful, better-handling, and a thrill to drive. The enhanced exhaust note, improved acceleration, and precise handling result in a more enjoyable and engaging driving experience, whether you're on the street or the track.


1. Engine Performance:

a. Intake Upgrades: One of the most common modifications is upgrading the intake system. Replacing the stock airbox with a cold air intake or a short ram intake can increase airflow and provide a more robust induction sound. Brands like AEM and K&N offer popular intake solutions.

b. Exhaust Systems: Upgrading the exhaust system is a popular choice for both power and sound improvement. Performance exhaust systems from manufacturers like Racing Beat and Borla offer better exhaust flow, enhanced engine sound, and power gains.

c. Forced Induction: Enthusiasts looking for significant power boosts often turn to forced induction. Turbocharger and supercharger kits from companies like Pettit Racing and AEM are available for the RX-8. These modifications require careful installation and tuning but can provide substantial power increases.

d. Engine Management: To support engine modifications, aftermarket engine management systems like the AEM Infinity or Haltech are popular. They allow for precise tuning and optimization of air-fuel ratios, ignition timing, and other engine parameters.

2. Suspension Tuning:

a. Coilover Suspension: Upgrading to a quality coilover suspension system, such as KW Suspension or Tein, can significantly improve handling and ride comfort. Coilovers offer adjustable ride height, damping, and rebound control, allowing for precise tuning.

b. Sway Bars and Strut Tower Braces: Upgrading sway bars and adding strut tower braces can reduce body roll and improve chassis rigidity. This results in enhanced stability and sharper cornering, making it a popular choice among RX-8 owners.

3. Styling and Body Modifications:

a. Aerodynamics: Enhancing aerodynamics with front splitters, rear wings, and diffusers not only improves the RX-8's aesthetics but also helps stabilize the car at higher speeds.

b. Body Kits: Aftermarket body kits from brands like Veilside and MS Design offer a wide range of options for transforming the RX-8's appearance. These kits can provide aggressive lines and unique designs, allowing owners to make their cars stand out.

4. Wheel and Tire Upgrades:

Changing the wheels and tires can have a significant impact on both performance and aesthetics. Lightweight alloy wheels from Enkei or Volk Racing, paired with performance-oriented tires, can improve grip, handling, and the car's overall visual appeal.

5. Braking System Enhancements:

Upgrading the braking system with performance rotors, calipers, and high-friction pads is crucial for improved stopping power. This is particularly valuable for RX-8 owners who enjoy spirited driving and track days.

6. Interior Customization:

Many RX-8 enthusiasts choose to upgrade the interior with aftermarket seats, steering wheels, shift knobs, and gauges. These enhancements can enhance the driving experience and add a personalized touch to the cabin.

Modifying a Mazda RX-8 is a passionate endeavor that allows owners to unlock the car's full potential and make it uniquely their own. The RX-8's rotary engine and sporty chassis offer an excellent platform for customization, whether you aim to increase power, refine handling, enhance aesthetics, or all of the above.

Before diving into modifications, it's essential to plan your upgrades carefully, consult with experienced tuners or mechanics, and research the enthusiast community for valuable insights. With the right modifications, your Mazda RX-8 can become a more powerful, better-handling, and visually appealing sports car that delivers a thrilling and unique driving experience on both the street and the track.


1. Pettit Racing Turbo Kit:

Pettit Racing is a renowned name in the rotary tuning world, and their turbo kit for the RX-8 is a top choice for those looking to add forced induction. The Pettit Racing turbo kit includes a well-designed turbocharger, intercooler, exhaust manifold, and all necessary components for installation. It's known for its quality, reliability, and power gains, making it a popular choice among RX-8 enthusiasts.

2. HKS GT Supercharger Kit:

While not a traditional turbocharger, superchargers also provide significant power gains. HKS offers the GT Supercharger Kit, which is designed specifically for the RX-8's 13B rotary engine. The GT Supercharger kit delivers instant torque and linear power throughout the RPM range, providing an exhilarating driving experience. It includes the supercharger unit, intercooler, and the necessary components for installation.

3. AVO Turboworld Turbo Kit:

AVO Turboworld's turbo kit for the RX-8 is a well-crafted solution that offers impressive power gains. This kit includes a reliable turbocharger, exhaust manifold, and intercooler. AVO Turboworld is known for its quality and performance, and their RX-8 turbo kit is designed for both street and track use.

4. Full-Race Turbo Kit:

Full-Race Engineering is renowned for its expertise in forced induction solutions. Their turbo kits are designed for optimal performance and reliability. The Full-Race RX-8 turbo kit is available with various turbocharger options, allowing you to tailor your setup to your desired power level. Full-Race kits are known for their quality and compatibility with stock components.

5. GReddy Turbo Kits:

GReddy, a well-known name in the aftermarket automotive world, offers turbo kits for the RX-8. Their kits, like the GReddy T518Z or T67, are engineered for optimal performance and reliability. These kits include everything needed for a successful turbo installation, including the turbocharger, exhaust manifold, intercooler, piping, and engine management solutions. GReddy's long-standing reputation for quality and performance makes their turbo kits a popular choice among RX-8 owners.

Adding a turbocharger to your Mazda RX-8 is a thrilling modification that can unlock the car's full potential and provide a significant increase in power. When selecting the best turbo kit for your RX-8, it's important to consider factors like your desired power level, budget, and your overall goals for the car.

Consult with experienced tuners and consider professional installation for a seamless and reliable turbocharging experience. With the right turbo kit, your RX-8 can become an even more exhilarating and potent driving machine, delivering the performance and thrills you crave on both the road and the track.

MAZDA RX8 Suspension

1. KW Suspension Variant 3 (KW V3):

KW Suspension is a renowned name in the world of high-performance suspensions, and their Variant 3 coilover kit is a top choice for the RX-8. The KW V3 kit offers the ideal blend of comfort and performance, making it suitable for both daily driving and spirited corner carving. It features adjustable damping, rebound control, and ride height, allowing you to fine-tune your suspension setup to match your specific preferences and driving style.

2. Tein Flex Z:

Tein is known for its high-quality suspension components, and the Tein Flex Z coilovers are a popular choice for RX-8 owners. These coilovers offer an excellent balance of performance and affordability. The Flex Z kit includes features like adjustable ride height and damping settings, providing you with the flexibility to tailor your suspension setup to your specific requirements.

3. Ohlins Road & Track (DFV):

Ohlins is a respected name in the suspension industry, and the Road & Track (DFV) suspension system is an ideal choice for the RX-8. This system is designed for both street and track use, making it perfect for enthusiasts who want to enjoy their RX-8 in various driving conditions. Ohlins provides exceptional damping control and precise handling characteristics that enhance the RX-8's capabilities.

4. Bilstein B16 PSS10:

Bilstein, a legendary suspension manufacturer, offers the B16 PSS10 kit for the RX-8. This coilover system provides ten-stage damping adjustment, allowing you to fine-tune your suspension settings for different driving scenarios. The Bilstein B16 PSS10 is highly praised for its durability and ability to deliver both comfort and performance.

5. Eibach Pro-Street S Coilovers:

Eibach, known for its sport springs, also offers the Pro-Street S coilover kit for the RX-8. These coilovers are designed to provide improved handling and adjustability. With a focus on precision and durability, Eibach's Pro-Street S coilovers are a great choice for those who want to upgrade their suspension without breaking the bank.

6. AST 5100 Series:

AST Suspension's 5100 Series coilovers are highly regarded in the performance and motorsports communities. These coilovers offer a broad range of customization options, from adjustable ride height to damping settings. The AST 5100 Series is a favorite among RX-8 owners who are serious about optimizing their suspension for track and spirited driving.

Selecting the best suspension for your Mazda RX-8 is a crucial step in enhancing your driving experience. Whether you prioritize improved handling, a more comfortable ride, or a combination of both, these suspension options offer a range of solutions to meet your specific needs and preferences.

When upgrading your RX-8's suspension, consider factors like your driving style, goals, and budget. Consult with experienced tuners and suspension specialists to ensure you choose the right setup for your RX-8. With the ideal suspension components, your RX-8 can deliver the precise handling and driving pleasure that it's renowned for, whether you're navigating tight corners on a mountain pass or enjoying a spirited drive along your favorite winding road.

MAZDA RX8 Brakes

1. Brembo GT Series Big Brake Kit:

Brembo, a name synonymous with high-performance braking, offers the GT Series Big Brake Kit for the RX-8. This kit includes larger rotors, multi-piston calipers, high-performance brake pads, and stainless steel brake lines. The Brembo GT Series kit delivers unmatched stopping power, improved pedal feel, and enhanced heat dissipation, making it a top choice for those who prioritize track performance and aggressive driving.

2. StopTech Trophy Sport Brake Kit:

The StopTech Trophy Sport Brake Kit is designed for RX-8 owners who demand exceptional braking performance. This kit features slotted or drilled rotors, multiple piston count options for the calipers, and high-performance brake pads. It excels at reducing brake fade, improving heat dissipation, and providing precise pedal feel. The StopTech Trophy Sport kit is an ideal solution for spirited driving and track use.

3. Wilwood Superlite Brake Kit:

The Wilwood Superlite Brake Kit is an excellent choice for RX-8 owners looking to upgrade their brakes without breaking the bank. These kits include forged calipers, large rotors, and high-friction brake pads. The Wilwood Superlite system delivers improved stopping power, heat dissipation, and durability. It's a cost-effective solution for those who want to enhance their braking capabilities.

4. EBC Brakes Yellowstuff Brake Pads:

For RX-8 owners who want to enhance their braking performance without a full brake kit upgrade, EBC Brakes Yellowstuff Brake Pads are a popular choice. These high-performance brake pads provide improved stopping power, reduced brake fade, and better pedal feel. They are an excellent option for those looking to boost their brakes while keeping costs in check.

5. Goodridge G-Stop Brake Lines:

Upgrading brake lines to high-quality stainless steel braided ones, like the Goodridge G-Stop Brake Lines, can significantly improve brake pedal feel and reduce brake fluid expansion. These lines are designed for improved brake response and a more direct feel. While not a full brake kit, they complement other brake upgrades and can be a valuable addition to enhance your RX-8's stopping power.

6. Project Mu Club Racer Brake Pads:

Project Mu is a respected name in the world of performance braking, and their Club Racer Brake Pads are designed for demanding driving conditions. These pads are known for their excellent heat resistance, fade resistance, and consistent braking performance. The Project Mu Club Racer pads are ideal for those who enjoy high-performance driving and want a reliable and responsive braking system.

Selecting the best brake upgrades for your Mazda RX-8 is essential for ensuring you have the confidence to harness the car's power and handle challenging driving conditions. When upgrading your RX-8's brakes, consider factors like intended use, budget, and local regulations.

Consult with experienced tuners and brake specialists to ensure you choose the right setup for your specific RX-8 model and your driving style. With the perfect brake upgrades, your RX-8 will deliver the stopping power and confidence you need to fully enjoy its spirited performance, whether you're navigating twisty roads or pushing the limits on the track.

MAZDA RX8 Exhaust

1. Borla Cat-Back Exhaust System:

Borla, a reputable name in the exhaust industry, offers a cat-back exhaust system for the Mazda RX-8. Known for its quality craftsmanship and performance gains, the Borla system provides improved exhaust flow, resulting in enhanced power and torque. Beyond the performance benefits, it produces a deep and aggressive tone that resonates with the RX-8's sporty image.

2. Racing Beat Dual Exhaust System:

Racing Beat, specializing in rotary performance, provides a dual exhaust system designed exclusively for the RX-8. This system features dual outlets and a unique design, resulting in an enhanced exhaust note and improved performance. Racing Beat's dual exhaust is a popular choice among RX-8 enthusiasts who appreciate its distinctive appearance and deep, authoritative sound.

3. MagnaFlow Street Series Cat-Back Exhaust System:

The MagnaFlow Street Series Cat-Back Exhaust System offers a balance of performance and sound for the RX-8. It features stainless steel construction, which not only adds durability but also provides a refined and sporty exhaust note. The MagnaFlow system delivers a deeper tone that isn't overly aggressive, making it suitable for those who want an enhanced sound without excessive noise.

4. HKS Hi-Power Exhaust System:

HKS, a renowned Japanese performance brand, offers the Hi-Power Exhaust System for the RX-8. This system is known for its sleek design, performance improvements, and a distinctive sound. The HKS Hi-Power exhaust produces a throaty and race-inspired note, adding an extra layer of excitement to the RX-8's driving experience.

5. Greddy Revolution RS Cat-Back Exhaust System:

The Greddy Revolution RS Cat-Back Exhaust System is designed for the performance-oriented RX-8 owner. This system is known for its high-quality construction, performance gains, and a unique, deep sound that sets it apart. The Greddy Revolution RS exhaust adds a distinct growl to the RX-8's soundtrack, making it a favored choice among those seeking a more aggressive tone.

6. Agency Power Titanium Cat-Back Exhaust System:

The Agency Power Titanium Cat-Back Exhaust System is an exceptional option for RX-8 owners who want both performance improvements and weight reduction. The titanium construction provides a lightweight solution, while the design and sound quality meet the demands of enthusiasts looking for a spirited exhaust note.

Selecting the best exhaust system for your Mazda RX-8 is a thrilling decision that can greatly impact your driving experience. When upgrading your RX-8's exhaust, consider factors like the desired sound, performance improvements, and budget. Consult with experienced tuners and explore enthusiast communities to gather insights and make an informed choice. With the perfect exhaust system, your RX-8 will not only gain in performance but will also serenade you with a symphony of power every time you unleash its rotary heart.

MAZDA RX8 Bodykit

1. Veilside Premier 4509 Full Body Kit:

Veilside is a renowned name in the world of automotive styling, and the Premier 4509 Full Body Kit is one of their standout offerings for the RX-8. This kit includes front and rear bumpers, side skirts, a rear wing, and a front lip spoiler. Veilside's design is known for its bold and distinctive lines that transform the RX-8 into an aggressive and unique head-turner.

2. MS Design Aero Kit:

The MS Design Aero Kit is a popular choice for RX-8 owners who want a well-crafted body kit. This kit offers front and rear bumpers, side skirts, and a rear diffuser. MS Design focuses on maintaining the RX-8's sporty appearance while adding a more aggressive and aerodynamic touch.

3. RE Amemiya AD GT Widebody Kit:

For RX-8 owners who want a widebody appearance, the RE Amemiya AD GT Widebody Kit is a compelling option. This kit widens the RX-8's stance with extended fenders and a more aggressive front bumper. RE Amemiya is renowned for its high-quality craftsmanship and motorsports pedigree, making the AD GT kit a favorite among those seeking a distinctive look.

4. Seibon Carbon Fiber Body Kit:

Seibon is recognized for its carbon fiber components, and they offer a range of body kit options for the RX-8. Carbon fiber parts are both lightweight and stylish, adding a touch of modernity to the car's appearance. Seibon's offerings include front lips, side skirts, and rear diffusers, allowing for a personalized and sporty look.

5. INGS+1 N-SPEC Body Kit:

The INGS+1 N-SPEC Body Kit is a high-quality choice for RX-8 owners who appreciate a refined and understated appearance. This kit includes a front bumper, side skirts, and a rear bumper. INGS+1 focuses on improving aerodynamics while maintaining a clean and sleek design.

6. RE-GT Body Kit:

The RE-GT Body Kit is designed for RX-8 owners who want a more subtle and factory-like appearance with subtle enhancements. This kit includes front and rear bumpers, side skirts, and a rear wing. It offers a more understated look compared to some other body kits but still adds a touch of sportiness to the RX-8's aesthetics.

Selecting the best body kit for your Mazda RX-8 is a personal decision that reflects your individual style preferences and budget. When choosing a body kit for your RX-8, consider factors like material, fitment, and local regulations for vehicle modifications.

A well-chosen body kit can transform your RX-8 into a head-turning work of art, enhancing its aesthetics and giving it a unique and personalized look. Whether you prefer a bold and aggressive appearance or a more understated and aerodynamic design, the right body kit can make your RX-8 truly one-of-a-kind and reflect your passion for style and performance.

MAZDA RX8 Wheels

1. Volk Racing TE37:

Volk Racing, a subsidiary of Rays Engineering, is renowned for producing high-quality wheels. The TE37 is a classic design known for its strength and lightweight construction. These wheels not only enhance performance with their reduced unsprung weight but also offer a clean and elegant look. The TE37 is a favorite among RX-8 enthusiasts who appreciate a blend of style and function.

2. Enkei RPF1:

The Enkei RPF1 is a popular choice for RX-8 owners who prioritize lightweight and high-performance wheels. These wheels are known for their durability and racing-inspired design. RPF1 wheels offer improved handling, responsiveness, and an elegant, timeless appearance. They come in a variety of sizes and finishes, allowing you to customize your RX-8's style.

3. Advan Racing RZ:

Advan Racing, a well-respected name in the wheel industry, offers the RZ wheel for the RX-8. The RZ wheel features a classic, multi-spoke design that complements the RX-8's aesthetics. These wheels are lightweight, strong, and designed for performance. Advan Racing provides various sizes and finishes to cater to different preferences.

4. Work Emotion CR Kiwami:

Work Wheels, known for its craftsmanship and style, offers the Emotion CR Kiwami wheel. These wheels feature a modern and stylish design that enhances the RX-8's appearance. They are constructed with strength and performance in mind. The Emotion CR Kiwami wheels come in various sizes and finishes, allowing for customization to match your personal style.

5. OZ Racing Ultraleggera:

OZ Racing, an Italian wheel manufacturer, is known for producing wheels that strike a balance between performance and aesthetics. The Ultraleggera series is lightweight and offers a strong, distinctive design. These wheels come in various sizes and finishes, allowing you to customize the look of your RX-8 while improving its performance and handling.

6. Advan Racing GT:

The Advan Racing GT wheel is a perfect choice for RX-8 owners who appreciate a five-spoke design with a modern twist. These wheels provide both style and performance, enhancing the RX-8's aesthetics and handling capabilities. The Advan Racing GT wheels are available in various sizes and finishes, offering a wide range of customization options.

Choosing the best wheels for your Mazda RX-8 is a personal decision that reflects your individual style preferences and performance requirements. Upgrading your wheels can have a significant impact on your RX-8's appearance and handling, making it stand out on the road.

When selecting wheels for your RX-8, consider factors like size, offset, and finish. It's important to consult with experts or experienced tuners to ensure that the wheels you select are compatible with your specific RX-8 model. With the perfect set of wheels, you can enhance your RX-8's style and performance, turning it into a true reflection of your passion for cars and driving.