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Lexus GS300

Lexus GS300

The GS300 was an executive vehicle offered by Lexus, Toyota's high-end division. In Japan, the Toyota Aristo had been replaced by the same vehicle in 1991. It was introduced as the Lexus GS for non-Japanese markets in February 1993. For the Japanese market, it kept retaining the Toyota Aristo moniker until January 2005.

The GS is a mid-luxury performance sedan that competes in the market between the small executive IS and large/flagship LS. Up until 2011, it shared a chassis with one of Toyota's most enduring nameplates, the Toyota Crown premium sedans.

Modified Lexus GS300

Modifying a Lexus GS300, building a showcar/project drift car, racecar or anything in between? -Be aware of the aftermarket ability and overall support available for your GS300 build.

The Lexus GS300, a symbol of luxury and refinement, often leaves its factory with a reputation for comfort and elegance. But for some automotive enthusiasts, it's just the beginning of a journey toward unlocking its hidden potential. In this article, we'll explore the world of modifying the Lexus GS300, delving into categories like performance, aftermarket support, design, motorsports history, driving experience, and additional topics to understand how enthusiasts are elevating this luxury sedan into a performance powerhouse.

Performance: Unleashing Hidden Power

Modifying the Lexus GS300 often starts with a quest for more power and agility. Enthusiasts explore various performance upgrades, including engine tuning, turbocharging, or supercharging to boost horsepower and torque. With the right modifications, the GS300 can go from a comfortable cruiser to a high-performance sports sedan. These improvements turn the car into a formidable force on the road, delivering thrilling acceleration and impressive top speeds.

Aftermarket Support: A World of Possibilities

One of the advantages of modifying a Lexus GS300 is the availability of aftermarket parts and support. From suspension upgrades to performance exhaust systems, and even body kits, a wide range of options exists to tailor the GS300 to your specific preferences. Brands like AEM, Eibach, and Borla offer a variety of performance parts, making it easier than ever for enthusiasts to transform their GS300.

Design: Creating an Aesthetic Masterpiece

Enhancing the GS300's visual appeal is a vital part of the modification journey. Body kits, custom wheels, and unique paint schemes allow owners to create a one-of-a-kind aesthetic that not only turns heads but also improves aerodynamics. This combination of style and performance is a key element of the GS300 modification process, turning the luxury sedan into a true showstopper.

Motorsports Success/History: A Track-Ready Transformation

The Lexus GS300 has seen its share of motorsports success, especially in drifting competitions. Many enthusiasts take inspiration from professional drifters who have transformed the GS300 into formidable drift machines. This history of track success serves as motivation for those who want to take their own GS300 to the racetrack and experience the thrill of sliding through corners with precision.

Driving Experience: Handling and Suspension Upgrades

Modifying the GS300 isn't just about power; it's also about improving its handling and driving experience. Upgrades such as stiffer suspension components, high-performance brakes, and lightweight wheels help the GS300 tackle corners with confidence and precision. The result is a transformed luxury sedan that delivers a thrilling and dynamic driving experience.

Additional Topics: Customization and Reliability

Additional aspects of GS300 modification include customizing the interior with high-quality materials and technology upgrades. Moreover, maintaining the reliability of the vehicle is a priority. Enthusiasts often strike a balance between performance improvements and preserving the GS300's renowned Lexus reliability, ensuring that their modified sedan remains a dependable daily driver.

Modifying a Lexus GS300 is a journey that allows enthusiasts to unlock the car's hidden potential, transforming it into a high-performance machine that excels in both power and style. The aftermarket support, motorsports history, and driving experience all play crucial roles in elevating the GS300, proving that this luxury sedan can indeed be a canvas for automotive excellence.

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Common Lexus GS300 Modifications:

Several common modifications have become popular among GS300 owners over the years. One of the most prominent changes is the installation of aftermarket wheels and tires. These upgrades not only give the car a more striking and aggressive appearance but also improve handling and grip on the road. Larger wheels provide a sportier look, while performance-oriented tires enhance traction, ensuring that the GS300 feels more connected to the road. Additionally, many enthusiasts opt for suspension upgrades, such as coilovers, sway bars, and strut bars, to transform the car's handling characteristics. These modifications lower the vehicle's center of gravity and enhance cornering, creating a more engaging driving experience. However, it's crucial to strike a balance between improved performance and maintaining ride comfort, as overly aggressive suspension setups can compromise the smooth and luxurious ride for which the GS300 is known.

Another sought-after modification for the Lexus GS300 is upgrading the exhaust system. The stock exhaust is designed to maintain a quiet and refined cabin environment, but many enthusiasts desire a more aggressive exhaust note and increased performance. Aftermarket exhaust systems crafted from materials like stainless steel provide a deeper and more resonant sound, giving the GS300 a sportier character. These systems often reduce exhaust restrictions, leading to noticeable improvements in horsepower and torque. The combination of a more potent engine note and enhanced performance creates a more exhilarating driving experience. However, choosing a reputable brand is essential to ensure proper filtration and prevent potential issues. These common modifications allow Lexus GS300 owners to customize their vehicles in ways that reflect their personalities and enhance their overall driving experience, whether through visual appeal, improved handling, or enhanced engine performance.

Lexus GS300 Turbocharger

Precision Turbochargers: Precision Turbo offers a range of turbochargers known for their quality and performance. Models like the Precision Turbo 6266, 6262, or 5858 are popular choices for the GS300. These turbos come in various sizes and can provide a substantial increase in power.

Garrett Turbochargers: Garrett is a renowned brand in the turbocharging industry. Turbos like the Garrett GT35R, GT3582R, or GT3071R are often used for GS300 applications. Garrett turbos are known for their reliability and performance.

BorgWarner EFR Series: The BorgWarner EFR (Engineered for Racing) series turbos are highly regarded for their advanced technology and efficiency. Models like the BorgWarner EFR 6258 or 6758 are popular for GS300 enthusiasts seeking both power and responsiveness.

Turbonetics: Turbonetics offers a variety of turbochargers suitable for the GS300. The T3/T4 Hybrid turbos and the GTK series are options to consider, offering a balance between power and response.

It's essential to note that choosing the best turbocharger for your Lexus GS300 involves more than just selecting a specific model. You should consult with a professional tuner or mechanic who can assess your engine's current setup, your desired power levels, and your budget. They can help you select the appropriate turbocharger and plan the necessary supporting modifications, such as an intercooler, exhaust, and engine management system, to ensure your GS300 operates efficiently and reliably with the new turbo.

Keep in mind that adding a turbocharger is a significant modification, and it's important to ensure it is installed correctly and professionally tuned to maximize performance and reliability while avoiding potential issues.

Lexus GS300 Suspension

Coilovers: Coilover suspension systems offer a great deal of adjustability. You can fine-tune ride height, damping, and rebound settings to tailor the suspension to your preferences. Brands like KW, Tein, and BC Racing offer high-quality coilovers that can improve both ride quality and handling performance.

Air Suspension: Air suspension provides the ultimate in ride height adjustability. It allows you to lower the car for an aggressive stance when parked and raise it for a smoother ride when driving. Brands like Air Lift Performance and AccuAir offer well-engineered air suspension kits for the Lexus GS300.

OEM-Plus Suspension: Some Lexus GS300 enthusiasts prefer retaining a near-factory ride quality while improving handling. Upgrading to high-quality OEM-style replacement components, such as KYB shocks or Eibach lowering springs, can provide a subtle performance boost without compromising comfort significantly.

Sport Suspension Kits: Brands like Bilstein and Koni offer sport suspension kits that combine improved handling with a comfortable ride. These kits are often designed to work seamlessly with the factory suspension geometry and may include dampers and springs specifically tuned for sportier driving.

Adjustable Sway Bars and Strut Bars: These suspension components can enhance handling and reduce body roll. Brands like Hotchkis and Eibach offer adjustable sway bars and strut bars that are easy to install and can make a noticeable difference in cornering performance.

Lexus F Sport Suspension: If you're looking for an option with factory support and reliability, consider the F Sport suspension from Lexus itself. This suspension setup is designed to provide a sportier feel while maintaining a high level of ride comfort. It's a suitable option for GS300 owners who prefer the OEM experience with an added sporty touch.

Ultimately, the best suspension for your Lexus GS300 will depend on your individual driving preferences and the specific characteristics you want to enhance in your vehicle. It's crucial to consult with an experienced suspension specialist or a professional mechanic to help you determine the ideal suspension setup that aligns with your goals, budget, and expected usage of the car.

Lexus GS300 Brakes

1. Brembo

Brembo is a name synonymous with high-performance brakes, and for good reason. Their expertise in the field is reflected in a wide range of brake products that cater to various driving needs. For the Lexus GS300, Brembo offers an array of options, including slotted and drilled rotors, high-performance brake pads, and even complete big brake kits. These kits include larger calipers and rotors, offering superior stopping power for spirited driving and track use. Brembo's commitment to quality and performance makes them a top choice for GS300 enthusiasts looking to elevate their braking game.

2. StopTech

StopTech is another renowned brand known for producing high-quality brake components. Their product lineup for the Lexus GS300 includes slotted and drilled rotors, high-performance brake pads, and stainless steel brake lines. These upgrades can significantly improve brake cooling, reduce brake fade, and enhance pedal feel. Whether you're aiming to improve the overall safety of your GS300 or unleash its potential on the track, StopTech offers reliable and effective solutions.

3. Hawk Performance

Hawk Performance is a go-to brand for those seeking high-performance brake pads. Their selection includes a variety of pad options designed for different driving scenarios. Hawk Performance brake pads are known for delivering improved braking performance, reducing brake fade, and providing superior modulation. Whether you're hitting the canyons, the track, or simply want to boost your daily commute's stopping power, Hawk Performance has a pad to suit your needs.

4. EBC Brakes

EBC Brakes is a well-regarded brand with a wide range of brake products. They offer options such as high-performance brake pads, slotted and drilled rotors, and even complete brake kits for the Lexus GS300. EBC's reputation for manufacturing high-quality components that enhance stopping power and reduce brake fade has made them a favored choice among automotive enthusiasts.

5. Power Stop

Power Stop is known for providing comprehensive brake upgrade kits, making it convenient for GS300 owners to find a complete solution. Their kits often include slotted and drilled rotors, high-performance brake pads, and even brake calipers. These packages are designed to enhance both the visual appeal and braking performance of your GS300, making Power Stop an attractive option for those looking to transform their ride.

When considering brake upgrades for your Lexus GS300, the top brands mentioned above have proven their worth in terms of quality, performance, and reliability. Before making a decision, it's essential to assess your driving needs and goals to determine the best combination of brake components for your specific application. Consulting with a professional mechanic or brake specialist can help ensure your chosen brake products are compatible and installed correctly. With the right brake setup, you can enjoy the full potential of your Lexus GS300, experiencing not only enhanced safety but also a more thrilling and responsive driving experience.

Lexus GS300 Exhaust

1. Borla

Borla is a well-respected brand in the exhaust industry known for its high-quality and performance-oriented exhaust systems. Borla offers a range of options for the Lexus GS300, including cat-back exhaust systems and headers. Their exhaust systems are often crafted from stainless steel for durability and provide a deep and sporty exhaust note without excessive drone.

2. MagnaFlow

MagnaFlow is another trusted brand that delivers a variety of exhaust products, including cat-back exhaust systems, mufflers, and catalytic converters. Their systems are designed to improve performance while maintaining a mellow and refined exhaust note. MagnaFlow's exhausts are crafted with quality materials and precision engineering.

3. Flowmaster

Flowmaster is known for its distinctive exhaust tones, offering a range of exhaust products to suit different driving styles. For the Lexus GS300, they provide cat-back exhaust systems and mufflers that provide an aggressive exhaust note and improved performance. Flowmaster's exhaust systems are typically constructed from aluminized steel or stainless steel.

4. HKS

HKS is a renowned brand in the import and performance car scene, known for their high-quality exhaust systems. Their exhausts often feature precision engineering and a unique look. HKS offers a selection of cat-back and axle-back exhaust systems, as well as individual components for the Lexus GS300. Their systems are designed to improve both power and sound, offering a deeper tone.

5. Invidia

Invidia is a brand that focuses on offering performance exhaust systems for a wide range of vehicles, including imports like the Lexus GS300. Their exhaust systems are known for their sporty sound and performance improvements. Invidia provides a variety of options, including cat-back and axle-back systems.

6. Greddy

Greddy is a well-regarded brand in the import tuning community, and they offer exhaust systems that combine both performance and a sporty exhaust note. Their cat-back systems for the Lexus GS300 provide a deep, aggressive tone while increasing horsepower and torque.

7. Tanabe

Tanabe specializes in producing high-quality exhaust systems with a focus on improving performance and handling. Their exhausts often provide a refined and subtle sound while enhancing power and torque. Tanabe offers several options for the Lexus GS300, including cat-back and axle-back systems.

When selecting an exhaust system for your Lexus GS300, consider your specific goals, whether it's for improved performance, a more aggressive sound, or a combination of both. Consulting with a professional mechanic or exhaust specialist can help you choose the best system that aligns with your preferences and ensures a proper installation. Upgrading your exhaust can not only enhance your vehicle's performance but also provide an enjoyable driving experience with a more pronounced and thrilling exhaust note.

Lexus GS300 Bodykit

WALD International: WALD is a renowned Japanese tuning company known for its high-end body kits and accessories. They offer a variety of stylish body kits for the Lexus GS300, including front bumpers, side skirts, and rear valances. WALD's kits are typically well-crafted and designed to provide a more aggressive and upscale appearance for your GS300.

TRD (Toyota Racing Development): TRD is Toyota's in-house tuning division, known for producing performance and styling components for various Toyota and Lexus models. TRD offers a range of body kit options designed to enhance the GS300's sporty appearance while maintaining the Lexus brand's sophistication.

Vertex: Vertex is a popular brand for Japanese import car enthusiasts, offering sleek and aggressive body kits that blend style and performance. They provide a selection of body kit components for the Lexus GS300, including front bumpers, side skirts, and rear spoilers.

Aimgain: Aimgain specializes in high-quality body kits and aero parts for various import vehicles, including the Lexus GS300. Their body kits often feature distinctive and contemporary designs that can add a touch of elegance and sportiness to your GS300's exterior.

Duraflex: Duraflex offers a wide range of body kits that are often more affordable than some other brands. They provide a variety of styling components for the GS300, including bumpers, side skirts, and wings. Duraflex kits are known for their flexibility and ease of installation.

Rocket Bunny/Pandem: Rocket Bunny, also known as Pandem, is renowned for its aggressive and wide-body kits. If you're looking to give your GS300 a truly unique and bold appearance, Rocket Bunny offers extreme body kits with wide fender flares and distinctive styling elements.

Liberty Walk: Liberty Walk is another brand known for its wide-body kits and aggressive styling. Their kits offer a distinctive and bold appearance, making your GS300 stand out from the crowd. Liberty Walk body kits are a great choice for those who want to make a strong visual statement.

When selecting a body kit for your Lexus GS300, consider your desired style and the specific components you'd like to add to your vehicle. Keep in mind that a proper installation is crucial to ensure that the kit fits well and enhances the aesthetics of your car. It's often advisable to consult with a professional body shop or automotive specialist who has experience with body kit installations to achieve the best results and maintain the quality and integrity of your GS300's appearance.

Lexus GS300 Wheels

Vossen Wheels: Vossen is renowned for its premium-quality wheels with elegant and contemporary designs. Their wheels are known for their exceptional craftsmanship and attention to detail. Vossen offers a wide range of wheel styles and finishes that can elevate the appearance of your GS300.

BBS: BBS is a legendary name in the wheel industry, celebrated for its lightweight and high-performance wheels. BBS offers a selection of wheels suitable for the GS300, and their focus on quality and performance is well-regarded among automotive enthusiasts.

Enkei: Enkei is a trusted brand that provides a variety of wheels known for their strength and durability. They offer an extensive catalog of wheel styles, making it easier to find a design that suits your GS300's look and performance needs.

Work Wheels: Work Wheels, a Japanese manufacturer, is known for producing high-quality and stylish wheels. Their range of designs and finishes allows you to select a wheel that perfectly complements your GS300's aesthetic.

Rays Engineering: Rays Engineering, the manufacturer of popular wheel brands like Volk Racing and Gram Lights, offers a variety of wheels designed for performance and style. Their wheels are often used by enthusiasts who appreciate lightweight, high-quality wheels.

HRE Performance Wheels: HRE is synonymous with luxury and high-end wheels. They provide custom-made wheels with impeccable craftsmanship and an extensive range of designs, giving you the opportunity to personalize your GS300's appearance.

Forgestar: Forgestar specializes in lightweight, custom-made wheels. They allow you to select the exact specifications you desire for your GS300, including size, width, and offset, ensuring a perfect fit and a unique look.

Rotiform: Rotiform is known for its unique and attention-grabbing wheel designs. They offer a wide selection of wheels with custom finishes that can help your GS300 stand out from the crowd.

Konig: Konig offers a balance of style and affordability, making their wheels an appealing choice for those on a budget. They provide various designs and finishes that cater to different tastes.

Niche Wheels: Niche Wheels is known for its high-quality, stylish wheel designs. They offer a broad range of finishes and sizes to accommodate various vehicle aesthetics.

When selecting wheels for your Lexus GS300, it's important to consider factors such as size, offset, and style to ensure they complement the vehicle's overall appearance. Consulting with a professional or an experienced wheel specialist can help you make the best choice for your GS300, taking into account not only the aesthetics but also the potential impact on performance and handling.