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The third-generation G (V35) was debuted in June 2001 and made available in North America on March 12, 2002, as the G35 for the 2003 model year. The Infiniti G35 had nothing in common with the G20 and carried on the legacy of the first-generation Infiniti M and J30, both of which were RWD cars that shared their drivetrain with modern Nissan Zs.

Layout & Body Style

Powered by the popular VQ35DE engine, the G35 has a front-midship engine and rear-wheel drive (all-wheel drive is an option for the G35x sedan). This configuration results in a 52 percent front/48 percent rear weight distribution. Both body types are offered with a 6-speed manual or a 5-speed automatic (JATCO RE5R05A) Tiptronic transmission, albeit the AWD sedan is the only avilable in automatic.

Modified Infiniti G35

Performance Upgrades

One of the primary reasons for modifying an Infiniti G35 is to enhance its performance. The G35 comes with a potent V6 engine that provides a solid foundation for power upgrades. Enthusiasts can opt for a variety of modifications to boost horsepower and torque, such as installing cold air intakes, exhaust systems, and ECU tuning. Many have swapped the engine for the formidable VQ35DE or VQ35HR for even more power. These enhancements can significantly improve the car's acceleration and overall driving experience, making it a worthy contender on the road or the track.

Aftermarket Support

The aftermarket support for the Infiniti G35 is extensive, with a plethora of companies offering high-quality performance parts and accessories. This support enables owners to customize their G35s to suit their individual preferences. From suspension upgrades, coilovers, and brake kits to turbochargers and superchargers, the options are nearly limitless. Whether you are seeking a modest daily driver or a track-ready monster, the G35's aftermarket support can help you achieve your desired results.

Design Upgrades

Modifying a G35 isn't just about performance; it's also an opportunity to enhance its aesthetics. Aftermarket body kits, carbon fiber accents, custom wheels, and paint jobs allow owners to express their unique sense of style. The G35's timeless design means that even subtle modifications can have a significant impact on its appearance. Drivers can turn heads with a tastefully modified G35 that combines both form and function.

Motorsports Success

The Infiniti G35 has had its fair share of success in motorsports, particularly in drifting competitions. Drivers like Chris Forsberg have proven the capabilities of the G35 by clinching championships in Formula Drift. Its well-balanced chassis and powerful V6 engine make it an excellent choice for those looking to participate in motorsport events. Many G35 owners take inspiration from these successes and modify their vehicles to compete in amateur and professional racing events, highlighting the car's true potential.

Driving Expression

A modified Infiniti G35 offers a unique driving experience that combines luxury and performance. The thrill of piloting a customized G35 down a winding road or a racetrack can be genuinely exhilarating. Whether you're drawn to the symphony of the exhaust note or the feeling of precision and control, the G35 provides a canvas for drivers to express themselves and experience the joy of spirited driving.

Modifying an Infiniti G35 allows enthusiasts to unlock its full potential in terms of performance, design, and personal expression. With a strong aftermarket support system, the G35 is a versatile platform that can cater to various tastes and preferences. Its motorsports success further underscores its capabilities, while the unique driving experience it offers is a testament to the car's enduring appeal. Whether you seek a daily driver with a touch of luxury or a track-focused performance machine, the Infiniti G35 is a fantastic choice for customization and personalization.

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Cold Air Intake

One of the most popular and accessible modifications for the G35 is the installation of a cold air intake (CAI). A CAI replaces the factory airbox and filter, allowing the engine to breathe cooler air and provide a noticeable increase in horsepower and torque. Not only does it boost performance, but it also enhances the engine's growl, providing a more aggressive and exciting sound.

Exhaust System

Upgrading the exhaust system is another common modification that many G35 owners opt for. Aftermarket exhaust systems, such as cat-back or axle-back systems, improve exhaust flow, enhance engine response, and provide a more thrilling exhaust note. The G35's V6 engine can sound even more impressive with the right exhaust system, giving the car a unique auditory character.

Suspension Upgrades

To improve handling and the car's overall driving dynamics, many G35 owners invest in suspension upgrades. Lowering springs, coilovers, and sway bars can help lower the car's center of gravity, reduce body roll, and enhance cornering performance. A well-tuned suspension modification can transform the G35 into a true driver's car, providing better control and responsiveness.

Wheels and Tires

Upgrading the wheels and tires on a G35 can offer both aesthetic and performance benefits. Custom wheels not only change the car's appearance but can also reduce unsprung weight and improve handling. Additionally, fitting grippier performance tires can increase traction and make the G35 feel even more planted on the road, improving overall performance.

ECU Tuning

For those seeking significant performance gains, electronic control unit (ECU) tuning is a popular modification. ECU tuning can optimize engine parameters, including fuel delivery, ignition timing, and more, to extract additional power and torque from the V6 engine. This modification often requires professional tuning to ensure safe and reliable performance gains.

Body Kits and Aerodynamics

Enhancing the G35's aesthetics is a common objective for many owners. Aftermarket body kits, front splitters, rear spoilers, and carbon fiber accents can transform the G35's appearance into a more aggressive and unique design. These modifications can provide a personalized touch while also improving aerodynamics and downforce.


Upgrading the braking system is essential for those looking to improve the G35's performance capabilities. Aftermarket brake kits with larger rotors and high-performance brake pads can enhance stopping power and reduce brake fade during spirited driving. This modification is especially crucial for G35 owners who plan to push their cars to the limit on the track.

The Infiniti G35 is a versatile platform for modification, and its popularity among enthusiasts stems from its potential for both performance and aesthetic enhancements. From simple and affordable modifications like cold air intakes and exhaust systems to more advanced changes such as ECU tuning and suspension upgrades, G35 owners have a wide array of options to personalize their vehicles. These modifications not only improve the car's performance but also allow owners to express their unique tastes and preferences, making the Infiniti G35 a true enthusiast's dream.


Garrett GT Series

The Garrett GT series of turbos are renowned for their reliability, performance, and wide range of options to suit various power levels. Infiniti G35 owners can choose from the GT28, GT30, and GT35 series turbos, depending on their desired power output. These turbos are known for their quick spool-up and excellent response, making them a popular choice among enthusiasts.

Precision Turbo & Engine (PT&E)

Precision Turbo & Engine offers a variety of high-quality turbochargers suitable for the G35. Their turbos are known for their precision engineering and exceptional performance. Models like the PT5858, PT6266, and PT6765 are favorites among G35 owners who seek substantial power gains without sacrificing reliability.

BorgWarner EFR Series

BorgWarner's EFR (Engineered for Racing) series is a top choice for those who want the best of both worlds: rapid spooling and high power potential. These turbos are known for their advanced aerodynamics and integrated wastegate design, resulting in improved throttle response and superior performance. The EFR series is favored by G35 enthusiasts looking for a balanced and efficient solution.


Turbonetics offers a range of turbochargers that cater to different power requirements. Their turbos are known for their durability and performance. The GTK series, including models like the GTK350 and GTK500, are well-suited for G35s and are capable of delivering substantial power gains with proper tuning.

Forced Performance

Forced Performance is a brand known for its high-performance turbochargers, and their FP Black, FP Red, and FP Green models have gained recognition among G35 owners. These turbos are designed to offer excellent power gains with a focus on response and efficiency. Forced Performance turbos are popular among those who want a balanced and street-friendly setup.

Choosing the Right Turbo

Selecting the best turbo for your Infiniti G35 depends on your goals and budget. Consider factors such as your desired power level, whether you plan to use your G35 for daily driving or track purposes, and how much you're willing to invest in the modification.

It's essential to work with a qualified mechanic or tuner who has experience with turbocharging G35s to ensure a safe and reliable installation. Tuning the engine's ECU is also critical to optimize performance, manage boost levels, and prevent potential issues.

Adding a turbocharger to your Infiniti G35 is an exhilarating way to unlock its full potential, delivering a substantial increase in power and performance. With various reputable turbocharger options available, you can fine-tune your G35 to match your specific needs, whether that's a balanced daily driver, a high-powered track machine, or something in between. Regardless of your choice, turbocharging your G35 will undoubtedly provide an adrenaline-pumping driving experience that pushes the boundaries of luxury and performance.

INFINITI G35 Suspension

Tein Flex Z

Tein is a well-known name in the world of suspension tuning, and their Flex Z coilovers are a popular choice for G35 owners. These coilovers offer adjustable ride height, damping, and rebound settings, allowing you to fine-tune your suspension to your liking. The Flex Z series provides a comfortable ride for daily use while still delivering improved handling performance when needed.

KW Variant 3

The KW Variant 3 coilovers are known for their exceptional build quality and performance. These coilovers are adjustable for ride height, compression, and rebound, making them an ideal choice for G35 owners seeking both comfort and high-performance handling characteristics. KW Variant 3 coilovers provide precise control over your vehicle's dynamics.

BC Racing BR Series

BC Racing offers the BR Series coilovers, which provide excellent adjustability and are highly regarded in the automotive community. These coilovers offer custom spring rates and damping adjustments, allowing G35 owners to optimize ride quality and handling. The BR Series provides a well-balanced ride for daily driving with the ability to dial in performance for spirited driving.

H&R Street Performance Coilovers

H&R is a respected suspension manufacturer known for its high-quality components. The Street Performance Coilovers are designed to provide a sporty feel while maintaining a comfortable ride for daily driving. These coilovers offer a slight drop in ride height and improved handling without sacrificing ride quality.

Eibach Pro-Street Coilovers

Eibach's Pro-Street Coilovers are an excellent choice for G35 owners looking to improve their vehicle's handling without going too aggressive. These coilovers provide a mild drop in ride height and offer adjustable damping, allowing drivers to fine-tune the suspension for their preferences.

Choosing the Right Suspension

Selecting the best suspension for your Infiniti G35 depends on your driving style, intended use, and budget. If you want a balanced setup suitable for daily driving and the occasional spirited run, coilovers like the Tein Flex Z or H&R Street Performance may be ideal. However, if you're looking for a more aggressive track-focused suspension, options like the KW Variant 3 or BC Racing BR Series offer extensive adjustability.

It's essential to consult with an experienced mechanic or tuner to ensure the suspension is correctly installed and properly aligned to achieve the desired performance and safety levels. Additionally, considering factors such as the type of tires and wheels you plan to use is essential for optimizing your G35's suspension setup.

Upgrading your Infiniti G35's suspension can have a profound impact on your driving experience. Whether you're seeking enhanced comfort for daily driving, improved handling for spirited runs, or a combination of both, the best suspensions mentioned in this article can help you tailor your G35's performance to meet your specific needs. Elevating your ride with the right suspension can transform your G35 into a true driver's car, balancing luxury and performance to perfection.

INFINITI G35 brakes

Brembo GT Series

Brembo is a renowned name in the world of high-performance braking systems. Their GT Series brake kits are a popular choice among G35 enthusiasts. These kits include slotted or drilled rotors, multi-piston calipers, and high-performance brake pads. Brembo's expertise in motorsports and quality craftsmanship ensures superior braking performance and reduced brake fade during spirited driving.

StopTech Big Brake Kits

StopTech is another trusted brand that offers high-quality braking solutions. Their Big Brake Kits are designed for G35 owners who demand serious stopping power. These kits include oversized rotors, large, multi-piston calipers, and performance brake pads. StopTech's focus on improved heat dissipation and precision engineering results in a brake system that's up to the task during aggressive driving.

EBC Brakes - Yellowstuff and Redstuff

EBC Brakes provides a range of brake pad options suitable for the G35. Their Yellowstuff and Redstuff pads are popular choices among performance-oriented drivers. The Yellowstuff pads are designed for heavy-duty use and provide excellent stopping power without sacrificing street-friendliness. The Redstuff pads are ideal for those who want high-performance braking without excessive dust and noise.

Wilwood Engineering

Wilwood offers a variety of braking solutions that cater to G35 owners looking to enhance their braking performance. Their brake kits are well-engineered, with lightweight components, excellent heat management, and superior pedal feel. Wilwood's products are known for their reliability and consistent performance, making them a favorite among the racing community.

Power Stop Z23 Evolution Sport Brake Kit

For G35 owners who desire improved braking without the complexities of a full brake system upgrade, the Power Stop Z23 Evolution Sport Brake Kit offers a straightforward solution. This kit includes drilled and slotted rotors and high-performance brake pads. The combination of enhanced cooling and friction makes it an excellent choice for enthusiasts who enjoy spirited driving.

Choosing the Right Brakes

Selecting the best brakes for your Infiniti G35 depends on your driving style and specific needs. If you're a performance-oriented driver who pushes your G35 to its limits, Brembo, StopTech, or Wilwood brake systems may be the best choice. On the other hand, for those who want an upgrade without a complete overhaul, EBC Brakes and Power Stop kits offer reliable and cost-effective solutions.

It's essential to have your brakes installed and adjusted by a professional mechanic to ensure proper functionality and safety. Additionally, consider factors like tire choice, brake fluid, and regular maintenance to keep your braking system in optimal condition.

Upgrading your Infiniti G35's brakes is a wise investment that not only enhances safety but also elevates the overall driving experience. With the best brake options available for your G35, you can confidently navigate any road or racetrack, stopping on a dime with precision and style. Whether you're a spirited driver or just seeking improved braking performance, the right brake system will ensure that your G35 stops as impressively as it accelerates.

INFINITI G35 Exhaust

Invidia Gemini

The Invidia Gemini exhaust system is a popular choice among G35 owners who want to strike a balance between sound and performance. Crafted from high-quality stainless steel, this exhaust system offers a deep and aggressive tone without being excessively loud. The Gemini system features a dual exhaust design with polished tips, providing an appealing visual enhancement as well.

HKS Hi-Power

HKS is a well-known brand in the world of performance exhaust systems, and their Hi-Power series is a favorite among G35 enthusiasts. The HKS Hi-Power exhaust offers a distinctive sound that is both deep and refined. It's constructed with precision and features a polished, stainless steel finish. This exhaust not only enhances performance but also gives your G35 a sporty appearance.

Borla Cat-Back Exhaust

Borla has been a trusted name in the exhaust industry for years, and their cat-back exhaust system for the G35 is no exception. Crafted from aircraft-quality stainless steel, the Borla system is designed to improve exhaust flow and increase power while providing a sporty and aggressive tone. It's available in various configurations, allowing you to choose the level of aggressiveness to suit your preferences.

Tanabe Medalion Touring

For G35 owners looking for a more subtle and refined exhaust note, the Tanabe Medalion Touring exhaust system is an excellent choice. It offers a deeper tone without excessive volume, making it suitable for those who want a luxurious and sophisticated exhaust note. The Tanabe Medalion is constructed with high-quality materials, ensuring both longevity and performance improvements.

AAM Competition R-Line

The AAM Competition R-Line exhaust system is specifically designed for performance enthusiasts. This cat-back system offers an aggressive and deep exhaust note, making it ideal for those who crave an intense sound experience. It's constructed from high-grade stainless steel and features larger diameter pipes to maximize power gains and improve throttle response.

Choosing the Right Exhaust System

Selecting the best exhaust system for your Infiniti G35 depends on your personal preferences and driving style. If you want an exhaust that provides a balance between sound and performance, the Invidia Gemini or HKS Hi-Power might be a perfect fit. On the other hand, if you prefer a more aggressive and sporty exhaust note, the Borla or AAM Competition systems could be more to your liking.

Remember that a professional mechanic should install your chosen exhaust system to ensure it's correctly fitted and tuned. Additionally, consider other performance upgrades, such as air intakes and tuning, to maximize the benefits of your new exhaust system.

Upgrading your Infiniti G35's exhaust system is an excellent way to unleash its potential and personalize your driving experience. The best exhaust systems mentioned in this article offer a range of options, from refined and sophisticated to aggressive and sporty, allowing you to tailor your G35 to your specific desires. Whether you're seeking improved performance or a more thrilling soundtrack, the right exhaust system will help you express your G35's true character and make every drive an unforgettable experience.

INFINITI G35 Bodykit

Nismo Aero Kits

Nismo, Nissan's high-performance division, offers a range of Aero Kits designed specifically for the G35. These kits include front and rear bumpers, side skirts, and a rear spoiler. Nismo's kits are known for their high-quality materials and precision fit, ensuring your G35 maintains a factory-like finish while adding a touch of motorsport-inspired style.

INGS+1 N-Spec Body Kit

The INGS+1 N-Spec Body Kit is a favorite among G35 owners who appreciate a more aggressive and race-inspired look. This kit includes front and rear bumpers, side skirts, and a distinctive rear wing. INGS+1 is known for its attention to detail and aerodynamic design, allowing for both improved performance and a unique aesthetic.

Veilside Version 3 Body Kit

Veilside is renowned for its distinctive and high-quality body kits, and the Version 3 kit for the G35 is no exception. This kit includes front and rear bumpers, side skirts, and a rear wing. Veilside's designs often have an exotic and aggressive appearance, making your G35 stand out in any crowd.

APR Performance Widebody Kit

For G35 owners looking for a more dramatic transformation, the APR Performance Widebody Kit is an excellent choice. This kit includes widened fenders and a range of additional aerodynamic components such as front and rear splitters. The widebody design accommodates larger wheels and tires, enhancing both the aesthetics and performance of your G35.

Duraflex B-2 Body Kit

The Duraflex B-2 Body Kit offers an affordable option for G35 owners who want to modify their vehicle's appearance. This kit includes front and rear bumpers, side skirts, and a rear wing. Duraflex is known for its durable and flexible construction, making it an attractive choice for those looking for a stylish upgrade without breaking the bank.

Choosing the Right Body Kit

Selecting the best body kit for your Infiniti G35 depends on your style preferences, budget, and intended use. Consider factors such as whether you want a subtle or aggressive appearance, as well as the materials and construction quality. Professional installation is recommended to ensure the body kit fits correctly and enhances your G35's appearance.

Enhancing the aesthetics of your Infiniti G35 with a body kit is a fantastic way to make a personal statement and create a one-of-a-kind look. The best body kits mentioned in this article offer a range of options, from subtle to aggressive, allowing you to tailor your G35's style to your specific tastes. Whether you're seeking to achieve a more aerodynamic design, a sportier look, or a complete transformation, the right body kit will undoubtedly turn your G35 into a head-turning masterpiece.


Enkei RPF1

The Enkei RPF1 is a popular choice among G35 enthusiasts. These lightweight wheels are known for their high-performance capabilities. They are crafted from a single piece of aluminum, which not only reduces weight but also improves strength. The RPF1s are available in a variety of sizes and finishes, allowing you to tailor the look and performance of your G35.

Volk Racing TE37

Volk Racing is a respected name in the world of high-performance wheels, and the TE37 is one of their iconic models. These wheels are known for their strength and lightness, thanks to a forged design. The TE37s offer a range of sizes, offsets, and finishes to accommodate the specific requirements of your G35.

ADV.1 Wheels

ADV.1 Wheels is a renowned brand that offers custom wheel solutions. Their wheels are known for their exquisite design and lightweight construction. ADV.1 allows for customization, ensuring that your wheels perfectly complement your G35's style. Whether you prefer a classic or more modern look, ADV.1 has options to suit your preferences.

HRE Wheels

HRE Performance Wheels are synonymous with high-quality and luxury. Their forged wheels are known for their precision engineering and artistic design. HRE offers a range of wheel models, each of which can be tailored to your specific requirements. These wheels not only enhance aesthetics but can also improve the performance of your G35.

Work Meister S1

The Work Meister S1 is a classic choice for G35 owners seeking both style and performance. These wheels feature a distinctive mesh design and are available in various sizes and finishes. Work Wheels is recognized for its craftsmanship and attention to detail, making the Meister S1 an appealing option for those who want a timeless appearance.

Choosing the Right Wheels

Selecting the best wheels for your Infiniti G35 depends on your personal preferences, driving style, and budget. Consider factors such as size, offset, and finish to match your G35's style and performance needs. Professional installation and proper alignment are essential to ensure that the wheels fit correctly and improve your G35's performance.

Upgrading your Infiniti G35's wheels is an effective way to enhance both style and performance. The best wheels mentioned in this article offer a range of options, from lightweight and high-performance to stylish and luxurious, allowing you to personalize your G35 to your exact preferences. Whether you're aiming for a sportier appearance, improved handling, or a luxurious touch, the right wheels will undoubtedly turn your G35 into a head-turning masterpiece and provide an enhanced driving experience.


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