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BMW 3 Series (E30)

The first 3 Series to be produced in 4-door sedan and wagon/estate body types, the model range featured 2-door coupe and convertible body variants[4][5] as well. It was propelled by four-, six-, and six-cylinder diesel engines, the latter of which was a first for the 3 Series. The first BMW with all-wheel drive was the E30 325iX.

Body Styles

The E30 eventually became available as a four-door sedan and five-door station wagon in addition to the two-door sedan and Baur convertible body types of its E21 forebears (marketed as "Touring").


For the various E30 variants, a total of six transmissions—four manual and two automatic—were offered. Rear-wheel drive or permanent all-wheel drive were available for the E30 (325iX saloons and estaes only).

Modified BMW E30

Performance Enhancements: Unleashing the Beast

One of the primary motivations for modifying an E30 is to enhance its performance. The E30 comes with a range of engines, from the peppy 1.8-liter 4-cylinder to the thrilling 2.3-liter inline-six in the M3 model. With aftermarket parts and engineering prowess, the E30's power can be significantly upgraded. Popular modifications include ECU tuning, turbocharging, and exhaust system upgrades. These enhancements can transform the E30 from a respectable performer into a powerhouse, providing thrilling acceleration and precise handling.

Aftermarket Support: A Treasure Trove of Options

The E30 has a rich aftermarket ecosystem, with countless suppliers offering performance parts, body kits, and interior upgrades. You can choose from various suspension kits, brakes, wheels, and even modern engine swaps to create a personalized masterpiece. For enthusiasts, this extensive support ensures that your E30 project can cater to your specific desires, whether you prioritize performance, aesthetics, or a combination of both.

Design: Classic Beauty with a Modern Twist

The E30's timeless design has made it an icon in the automotive world. Modifying the exterior can range from subtle changes like lowering the suspension and fitting a tasteful set of wheels to more radical transformations with body kits and custom paintwork. Many E30 enthusiasts opt for the "retro-mod" approach, blending classic style with modern touches like LED lighting or contemporary wheel designs. The result is a striking balance between vintage charm and contemporary aesthetics.

Motorsports Success: A Racing Legacy

The BMW E30's racing pedigree is another compelling reason to modify it. The E30 M3, in particular, dominated touring car racing during the late '80s and early '90s. The boxy yet aerodynamic shape, combined with a high-revving engine, made it a fierce competitor on the track. Enthusiasts who modify their E30s often draw inspiration from this racing history, fitting performance upgrades that mirror the spirit of the legendary E30 M3.

Driving Experience: Nostalgia Meets Thrills

Ultimately, what sets the modified E30 apart is the driving experience. This car offers a pure and connected feel that's hard to replicate in modern vehicles. The precise steering, responsive chassis, and communicative feedback through the driver's seat create an engaging experience. While modifying an E30 can enhance its performance, it's essential to preserve the car's core driving characteristics that make it so beloved among enthusiasts.

Modifying a BMW E30 is not merely an exercise in automotive customization; it's a passionate pursuit of excellence in performance, aesthetics, and driving enjoyment. Whether you seek to pay homage to its racing heritage, build a jaw-dropping show car, or create the ultimate driving machine, the E30 provides an incredible platform for your automotive dreams. Embracing the past while looking towards the future, modifying an E30 is a journey filled with satisfaction, and it allows you to take part in a rich automotive tradition that shows no signs of fading away.


1. Timeless Design: A Classic Canvas

The BMW E30's design is a timeless classic. Its clean, unadorned lines and compact proportions have made it an object of admiration for generations. Modifying an E30 allows you to build on this classic canvas, preserving the car's essential aesthetic while adding personal touches that reflect your unique style. Whether you choose to restore it to its original glory or take a more customized route, the E30's design is an ideal foundation for car enthusiasts.

2. Engaging Driving Experience: A Connection with the Road

The E30 is renowned for its outstanding driving dynamics. Its rear-wheel-drive layout, precise steering, and well-balanced chassis make it an absolute joy to drive. Modifying an E30 can enhance this already exceptional driving experience. Upgrades to the suspension, brakes, and engine can elevate the car's performance, transforming it into a spirited and responsive machine that's even more thrilling to pilot on winding roads or the racetrack.

3. Wide Range of Aftermarket Support: Endless Possibilities

One of the most significant advantages of modifying an E30 is the extensive aftermarket support available. This ensures that you can find a vast array of performance parts, body kits, and accessories to suit your specific desires. From suspension upgrades and engine modifications to body enhancements and interior customizations, the possibilities are endless. Whether you aim to boost power, improve handling, or simply personalize the car, the E30 offers a wealth of options.

4. Heritage and Legacy: A Piece of Automotive History

The BMW E30 has a rich heritage, with the E30 M3 being a particularly significant model. This iconic vehicle achieved remarkable success in motorsports, dominating touring car racing during its era. By modifying an E30, you become part of this storied history, paying homage to the racing legacy and contributing to the car's enduring status as a symbol of automotive excellence.

5. Investment Potential: A Classic Worth Preserving

Classic cars, especially those as iconic as the E30, have proven to be solid investments. As time goes by, well-maintained and tastefully modified E30s tend to appreciate in value, making them a rewarding choice for enthusiasts who not only want to enjoy their cars but also see them as an investment. The combination of classic appeal and tasteful modifications can increase the car's value over time.

6. Community and Camaraderie: A Shared Passion

Owning and modifying an E30 also opens doors to a vibrant community of like-minded enthusiasts. Joining car clubs, attending gatherings, and participating in events dedicated to the E30 can be an enriching experience. The camaraderie and shared passion for this iconic vehicle create a sense of belonging and make the journey of modification all the more enjoyable.

Modifying a BMW E30 is an appealing choice for those who appreciate classic cars and are passionate about customizing their vehicles. With its timeless design, engaging driving experience, extensive aftermarket support, motorsports heritage, investment potential, and the sense of community it fosters, the E30 is an ideal canvas for automotive enthusiasts looking to embark on a journey of personalization and preservation. Whether you aim to create a restored classic or a high-performance beast, the BMW E30 is a classic car that continues to inspire and excite.

BMW E30 Turbo

1. Garrett GT28RS: Renowned for its reliability and performance, the Garrett GT28RS is an excellent choice for E30 enthusiasts looking to add a turbocharger. This turbocharger provides a responsive and broad power band, making it a versatile option for various driving styles. With proper tuning and supporting modifications, it can deliver substantial power gains while maintaining excellent drivability.

2. Precision Turbo PT6262: Precision Turbo is synonymous with high-quality, performance-oriented components. The PT6262 is a robust turbocharger capable of providing substantial power gains. This unit is known for its durability and efficient spooling, ensuring a strong power delivery across the rev range. It's a top choice for those aiming to create a potent E30 build.

3. BorgWarner EFR 6758: The BorgWarner EFR series combines cutting-edge technology with exceptional performance. The EFR 6758 is a compact turbocharger that excels in response and efficiency. Its lightweight construction contributes to reduced turbo lag, ensuring the power is readily available when you need it. EFR turbochargers are highly regarded for their performance and reliability.

4. Holset HX35: For those who want a budget-friendly option without sacrificing performance, the Holset HX35 is worth considering. It's a larger turbocharger, providing substantial airflow for higher power potential. While it may require additional modifications and tuning for optimal performance, it's a favorite among DIY enthusiasts who appreciate its cost-effectiveness.

5. Garrett GT35R: If you're seeking extreme power for your E30 project, the Garrett GT35R is a top contender. This turbocharger can deliver massive horsepower gains, but it may require additional modifications to handle the added stress. It's an ideal choice for those who aim to create a high-powered, track-focused E30.

6. Precision Turbo GEN2 5558: The Precision Turbo GEN2 5558 is a versatile turbocharger that balances power and responsiveness. It's an excellent choice for E30 enthusiasts looking for a well-rounded turbocharger that offers a wide power band. With precise tuning and supporting modifications, the GEN2 5558 can provide a substantial power increase while maintaining drivability.

When selecting a turbocharger for your BMW E30, it's essential to consider your goals, budget, and the level of performance you desire. Turbocharging an E30 is a significant modification that can transform your classic into a high-performance machine. It's advisable to consult with experienced professionals or tuners who specialize in BMW modifications to ensure that your chosen turbocharger aligns with your overall build and provides reliable, safe performance.

In conclusion, turbocharging your BMW E30 can elevate its performance to a whole new level. The right turbocharger can unlock the latent potential of this iconic classic, turning it into a thrilling and powerful driving experience. Whether you prioritize responsiveness, high power output, or cost-effectiveness, there's a turbocharger option for every E30 enthusiast. Choose wisely, tune diligently, and enjoy the exhilaration of driving your turbocharged E30.

BMW E30 Suspension

H&R Sport Springs and Bilstein B8 Shocks

For those who want a well-rounded upgrade that enhances both performance and ride comfort, the H&R Sport Springs paired with Bilstein B8 Shocks are a winning combination. H&R Sport Springs offer a slight drop in ride height, improving handling without sacrificing ride quality. Bilstein B8 Shocks provide exceptional damping, making them a perfect match for the E30's chassis. This setup will deliver a noticeable improvement in both cornering stability and daily driving comfort.

KW Variant 3 Coilovers

If you desire a more customizable suspension setup, the KW Variant 3 Coilovers are an excellent choice. These high-quality coilovers offer adjustable ride height, rebound, and compression damping. This allows you to fine-tune the suspension to your preferences and driving style. Whether you want a softer, more comfortable ride for daily driving or a stiff setup for spirited track days, the KW Variant 3 can accommodate it all.

Eibach Pro-System Suspension Kit

The Eibach Pro-System Suspension Kit provides an easy and comprehensive upgrade for the BMW E30's suspension. It includes performance springs and dampers, which are perfectly matched to provide improved handling and ride quality. This kit is an ideal option for those who want a straightforward upgrade without the need for extensive adjustments or tuning.

Ground Control Coilover Conversion Kit

For the ultimate in adjustability and performance, the Ground Control Coilover Conversion Kit is the way to go. This kit allows you to convert your E30's existing struts into a full coilover setup. With adjustable ride height, spring rates, and damping, you can tailor the suspension to your precise requirements. This kit is perfect for enthusiasts who love to fine-tune their vehicles for specific applications, such as track racing or autocross.

Polyurethane Bushings

Don't forget the small but crucial components of your suspension system – the bushings. Upgrading to polyurethane bushings can significantly improve the E30's handling characteristics. These bushings are stiffer than the factory rubber ones, reducing play in the suspension components. This results in sharper steering response and better overall handling.

Wheel and Tire Upgrades

When upgrading your suspension, don't overlook the impact of your wheel and tire choices. Wider, stickier tires can greatly enhance grip and handling, while lightweight alloy wheels can reduce unsprung weight and improve acceleration and braking. Make sure your tire and wheel choice complements your chosen suspension setup.

Choosing the best suspension upgrades for your BMW E30 depends on your specific driving preferences and needs. Whether you're looking for improved comfort during daily commutes or seeking a more aggressive setup for track days, there are options to suit your desires. The key is to strike the perfect balance between ride comfort and performance, taking into account the type of driving you'll do most often. Be sure to consult with experienced professionals or fellow E30 enthusiasts for advice before making your final decision, as they can provide valuable insights based on their own experiences. With the right suspension upgrades, your BMW E30 can become an even more thrilling and capable driving machine.

BMW E30 Brakes

Brembo GT Series Brake Kit

When it comes to upgrading your BMW E30's brakes, the Brembo GT Series Brake Kit is a top choice. Brembo is renowned for its high-performance braking systems, and this kit is no exception. It includes larger, slotted or drilled rotors and high-quality Brembo calipers. This upgrade significantly improves heat dissipation and reduces brake fade, making it an excellent choice for spirited driving or track use.

StopTech Sport Brake Kit

The StopTech Sport Brake Kit is another compelling option for E30 owners who crave exceptional stopping power. The kit includes slotted or drilled rotors and high-performance pads that can withstand the rigors of spirited driving and demanding track conditions. StopTech's reputation for delivering top-notch brake performance makes this kit a worthwhile investment.

Wilwood Superlite 6 Big Brake Kit

If you're seeking an upgrade that not only improves braking performance but also adds a bold visual statement to your E30, the Wilwood Superlite 6 Big Brake Kit is an excellent choice. This kit includes larger, six-piston calipers, and slotted or drilled rotors, offering substantial stopping power and improved pedal feel. Plus, the eye-catching calipers can add a touch of style to your car's appearance.

EBC Brakes Yellowstuff Pads

For those who want to enhance their E30's braking performance without a complete overhaul of the system, EBC Brakes Yellowstuff Pads are a cost-effective option. These high-performance brake pads offer excellent stopping power and reduced brake fade. They are ideal for aggressive street driving and occasional track days, and they pair well with OEM or upgraded rotors.

Stainless Steel Brake Lines

While upgrading your brake components is essential, don't overlook the benefits of replacing your E30's stock rubber brake lines with stainless steel brake lines. These lines provide a more consistent and firmer pedal feel by reducing brake line expansion. This upgrade is cost-effective and complements other brake enhancements, ensuring that the entire braking system works seamlessly.

Performance Brake Fluid

To complete your brake upgrade, consider using a high-performance brake fluid. Brands like Motul, Castrol, and ATE offer brake fluids with higher boiling points, which reduce the risk of brake fluid boiling and maintain consistent brake pedal feel, especially during aggressive driving.

Upgrading the brakes on your BMW E30 can significantly enhance your driving experience, whether you're on the open road or at the track. Each of the brake upgrades mentioned in this article offers various levels of performance, allowing you to choose the one that best suits your driving style and budget. Keep in mind that the best brake upgrade may vary depending on your specific needs, so it's essential to consult with experienced professionals or fellow E30 enthusiasts who can provide valuable insights based on their experiences. Whichever brake upgrade you choose, it's certain to elevate your E30's stopping power and provide a safer and more enjoyable driving experience.

BMW E30 Exhaust

1. Bilstein B8 Series: Precision and Comfort

The Bilstein B8 Series shocks and struts are renowned for their precise damping and handling characteristics. They offer improved control over body movement and steering response without sacrificing ride comfort. These shocks and struts are designed to work seamlessly with various E30 springs, offering a well-balanced suspension setup.

2. KW Variant 3: Versatility and Customization

The KW Variant 3 coilovers are a top choice for E30 owners who desire customization. With adjustable rebound and compression settings, you can fine-tune your E30's suspension to match your driving style and intended use. Whether you're hitting the track or cruising the streets, the KW Variant 3 can be tailored to deliver the performance you desire.

3. H&R Cup Kit: Improved Handling with OEM Comfort

For those seeking an upgrade without a harsh ride, the H&R Cup Kit is a well-regarded choice. It combines sport springs and dampers, providing improved handling while retaining a comfortable ride. This kit offers a mild drop in ride height, enhancing aesthetics without compromising day-to-day comfort.

4. Eibach Pro-System: Balanced Performance

Eibach's Pro-System is a popular option for E30 enthusiasts who value a well-balanced suspension setup. It includes springs and dampers designed to work in harmony, delivering enhanced handling and a sportier look without a significant drop in ride comfort. The Pro-System offers excellent control in corners and during spirited driving.

5. Bilstein PSS10: Track-Ready Versatility

The Bilstein PSS10 coilovers are a versatile suspension solution that caters to both street and track use. With ten different damping settings, you can easily adjust the ride and handling characteristics to your liking. These coilovers provide excellent control and responsiveness, making them ideal for E30 owners who enjoy occasional track days.

6. Vogtland Sport Suspension Kit: A Cost-Effective Upgrade

The Vogtland Sport Suspension Kit offers an affordable yet effective suspension upgrade for the BMW E30. It includes springs and dampers that provide a subtle drop in ride height, improved handling, and a sportier look. This kit is an excellent choice for those on a budget but still seeking enhanced performance.

When selecting a suspension system for your BMW E30, it's essential to consider your driving style, intended use, and budget. Each of the options mentioned above offers a unique blend of performance, comfort, and adjustability, allowing you to tailor your E30's suspension to your specific preferences. Additionally, professional installation and proper alignment are crucial to ensure that your suspension upgrade delivers the expected benefits and maintains the E30's renowned driving dynamics.

Upgrading your BMW E30's suspension can significantly enhance its handling and overall driving experience. Whether you prioritize precise control, customization options, or a balanced improvement in performance, there's a suspension solution available to cater to your needs. With the right suspension upgrade, you can take your beloved E30 to new heights, enjoying the perfect blend of comfort and performance.

BMW E30 Bodykit

1. Pandem Rocket Bunny: For those seeking a bold and aggressive appearance, the Pandem Rocket Bunny body kit is a standout choice. Known for its wide, flared fenders, prominent front splitter, and a distinctive rear wing, this kit makes a dramatic statement. Its race-inspired design lends an edgy and dynamic look to your E30.

2. Rieger Tuning: Rieger offers a wide range of body kits for the E30, each with its unique style. Whether you prefer a subtle and refined look or a more aggressive and aerodynamic design, Rieger's selection allows you to tailor your E30's aesthetics to your preferences. Some kits include front splitters, side skirts, and rear diffusers for a complete transformation.

3. M-Tech II: If you want to keep a touch of factory charm while enhancing your E30's appearance, the M-Tech II kit is a classic choice. This OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) kit, available for the 2-door E30 models, includes a distinctive front bumper, side skirts, and a rear valance. The M-Tech II kit provides a sporty and elegant look that complements the car's original design.

4. AC Schnitzer: AC Schnitzer is a renowned name in BMW tuning, and their body kits offer a perfect balance between style and performance. Their kits often include aerodynamic components like front splitters, side skirts, and rear spoilers, all designed to enhance the E30's appearance and aerodynamics. AC Schnitzer kits provide a tasteful and subtle transformation.

5. Kamei: For those looking for a more retro-inspired appearance, the Kamei body kit offers a unique style. This kit includes features like front air dams, side skirts, and rear spoilers that harken back to the styling trends of the '80s and '90s. It's a great choice for E30 owners who want to infuse a sense of nostalgia into their vehicle's appearance.

6. DTM-Style Kits: Inspired by the legendary E30 M3 DTM racers, DTM-style body kits replicate the aggressive racing look. These kits often include extended front splitters, wide fender flares, and large rear wings. They are perfect for those who want to pay homage to the E30's motorsport heritage and stand out from the crowd.

Selecting the right body kit for your BMW E30 involves considering your personal style, budget, and the intended use of your vehicle. Whether you opt for an aggressive, aerodynamic kit or a more subtle OEM-inspired design, a well-chosen body kit can add flair and performance to your E30. Don't forget to invest in professional installation to ensure the kit is fitted correctly, maintaining the E30's renowned driving dynamics while elevating its aesthetics.

The BMW E30 offers a timeless platform for customization, and a well-selected body kit can be the perfect enhancement. With the array of options available, you can transform your E30 into a unique and visually striking masterpiece, all while paying homage to the classic charm of this iconic vehicle.

BMW E30 Wheels

1. BBS RS: The BBS RS is a legendary wheel that has a long-standing reputation for its timeless design and high-quality craftsmanship. These wheels feature a multi-piece construction with distinctive bolt-on center caps. Available in various sizes and finishes, BBS RS wheels can be customized to suit your E30's style and desired fitment.

2. Rotiform BLQ: If you're seeking a more modern and aggressive look, Rotiform's BLQ wheels are an excellent choice. Their clean, multi-spoke design provides a contemporary twist while maintaining a classic elegance. Available in various finishes, these wheels offer versatility and customizability to match your E30's aesthetics.

3. Alpina Classic: Alpina is a well-respected name in the world of BMW tuning, and their classic multi-spoke wheels are a perfect match for the E30. The Alpina Classic design adds a touch of sophistication and a timeless appeal to your E30, perfectly complementing its elegant lines.

4. Borbet Type A: The Borbet Type A wheels are a classic mesh-style design, reminiscent of vintage BMWs. These wheels are available in various sizes and finishes, making them a versatile choice that complements the E30's retro styling while allowing for a personalized touch.

5. Enkei RPF1: For enthusiasts looking for a lightweight and performance-oriented wheel, the Enkei RPF1 is a popular option. These wheels are known for their strength and durability while remaining relatively lightweight. They offer a sleek, no-nonsense design that enhances the E30's agility and handling.

6. Brock B1: The Brock B1 is a wheel that captures the spirit of the E30 era. Its iconic cross-spoke design harks back to the '80s, providing a nostalgic and timeless look. Available in various sizes and finishes, the Brock B1 wheels offer an ideal blend of classic charm and modern personalization.

When selecting wheels for your BMW E30, consider factors such as size, offset, and finish to ensure that they align with your desired aesthetics and performance goals. It's essential to maintain a balance between form and function, as wheels can significantly impact your E30's handling and ride quality.

Upgrading your E30's wheels is a fantastic way to give your classic BMW a fresh and personalized look. The wide variety of wheel options available allows you to tailor the appearance of your E30 to match your style and preferences, whether you seek a classic, modern, or performance-oriented look. A carefully chosen set of wheels can elevate your E30's visual appeal and driving experience, making it a more enjoyable and personalized classic car.